White, and Blue Kitchen

Squirrel Hill

the details:

This busy family came to Marvista already knowing they wanted a Mid Century Modern remodel for their kitchen. The original footprint of the space was very crowded with several walls sectioning off the already small space. The clients needed a more open space that featured seating at the island and captured the architectural integrity of the rest of the home. The original kitchen featured older white cabinets and glossy white tile from floor to ceiling on most walls and a tiled floor. The first thing Marvista did during the space planning stage was to create a new space in the kitchen that was more open and had easier walkways, more countertop space, more cabinets, and an island with seating.

Features & Challenges of the Project:
  • Space layout and footprint was a challenge–opening up the space to make it more efficient and more open
  • Keeping the integrity of the existing architecture but updating the look
  • We raised up a window to provide more kitchen counter space
  • They wanted to change the space without changing the entrance to the kitchen and the basement
  • The original kitchen was tiled on most walls from floor to ceiling
  • Client had only one space in the adjacent room to display their piano so we had to keep the existing doors where they were, but change the footprint
  • Shaker painted white cabinetry
  • Unique blue island
  • Warm, walnut wood for cabinet shelves, hood and floating shelf
  • LED light strips for accent lighting
  • Champagne bronze/gold fixtures, cabinet hardware, and lighting
  • Quartz countertops
  • Hardwood floors
completed project
Before + Progress Gallery