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Matching Old Wood Floors To New Wood Floors

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Matching wood flooring from an original home can be challenging during a renovation project, but it’s not impossible. Matching wood depends on a variety of factors, including the type of wood, the age, and the state of the original floor. Here are a few things to consider when matching wood floors.

Wood Type and Species: Wood comes in a wide range of species, so depending on how rare or exotic the floor is, the more challenging the match can be. Wood species such as maple and oak are easier to replicate versus pine or cedar.

Age: During the aging process, wood develops a unique patina due to the exposure of elements, which results in more visibility to the grains and patterns. It’s usually challenging to replicate aging on new wood.

Grain and Pattern: Grain patterns vary from board to board. When matching the new wood to the existing floors, it may be necessary to flip and arrange the boards to maintain the cohesive look you’re looking for.

Board cut: The appearance of a wood board is often affected by the way it was sawed. For example, plain-sawn, quarter-sawn, and rift-sawn all have an impact on the way boards align. When choosing new flooring, it’s important to ensure they are cut the same to maintain a similar look.

Aging Techniques: Some prefer to age and distress new wood by using various techniques. For example, wire brushing is performed by scraping the surface of the wood in various directions. By doing this, the wires remove the soft area of the wood which allows for the grain to appear, enhancing the age of the wood. Staining is another popular technique to make wood appear older. Stains come in a wide range of colors and are also a way to make wood look older than it appears. Stains darken the wood by soaking into the distressed areas creating an older look.

Overall, it’s important to understand the challenges of matching original wood floors with something new but there’s beauty in the characteristics of aged wood and can contribute to the uniqueness of your space.

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