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Today’s homeowners desire form and function and personality and purpose in every room. Marvista’s team designs towards this goal as we partner with you to create your dream home.

This is why hiring an award winning design + build team like Marvista is super important. We are home interior professionals who navigate design while keeping in mind not only form, function, personality, and purpose but trends, long term aesthetics, timelines, home values, and architecturally relevant outcomes.

What’s Your Dream Project?

Come on in to our fully outfitted showroom and share your thoughts with us.

Not sure where to start? We will introduce you to our design studio; it’s a veritable playground for those embarking on a home project. Color-true lighting, a live kitchen, and a library of finishes mean you can experience your design options- touch tiles, open cabinet doors and turn faucet handles. Nowhere else in Pittsburgh will you be able to dial up the light to your room natural color and see how the cabinet door will really look!

Your home is likely your biggest financial asset. Upgrades can significantly increase the value of your property. Your home improvement project is an investment that’s worth doing right.

Marvista’s team – your design + build team – is dedicated to working with you through the entire process, from first consultation until final reveal. Our approach keeps you apprised at every turn: Our client portal puts schedules and documents at your fingertips, and ongoing, streamlined communication means you’ll never be caught off guard. Because we are design build, we design to your budget and give you a contract which includes all your signed off selections.

Reconnecting with Whole-Home Style

Have you seen Pittsburgh homes which are structurally well-designed yet disconnected between rooms? Room-to-room transitions throughout your home should have a subtle flow. Each room’s function and personality should be obvious. Yet every room should unite with the other spaces to form your home.

Pittsburgh and surrounding communities are known for homes that offer historical, charming legacies. You can integrate the beauty of your “good old house” with modern technology and design that will add convenience and beauty to your property.

Whole-home remodeling can give your house the look and functionality you need.


It’s said the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where family members engage with each other, it’s where mornings begin and evenings end.

Your Pittsburgh kitchen should be welcoming and easy to navigate. Above all, it should serve your purposes. Again, the flow of meal prep to dining should be seamless. You should have well thought out spaces with ample , storage, lighting, electrical outlets and cabinets.


The bathroom is another area in which you spend a great deal of time. Most importantly, your bathroom should be comfortable; however, it can also deliver personality.

Some homeowners prefer bath areas that are spa-like, offering tranquility and respite from stress. Other homeowners prefer bathrooms to serve as shower-and-dress stations; they need effective lighting for makeup application and easy access to shelving and storage.

What would make your bathroom perfect? Consider its appearance, plumbing, electrical wiring, lighting. Everything should come together to give you a unique experience and a valuable home improvement. Overwhelmed? Marvista’s Design + Build Team will help you transform your bath into a beautiful oasis.

Home Additions

If it’s architecturally sound, adding another wing to your home or expanding a room can give it square footage and increase your homes’ value. You get the space you need to live more comfortably!

Not sure where to start or how to proceed? We do! Marvista’s Design Team will guide the project. We work with the Architects, engineers and the permitting process. We got you covered!

Marvista Design + Build offers convenient virtual consultations.Call (412) 652-9027 or contact us today to learn more.

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For this bathroom design, our client wanted to incorporate a farmhouse aesthetic with an urban feel, and we made sure to listen. The designers at Marvista integrated industrial fixtures and custom niches for live plants on the brick feature wall. At Marvista, our goal is to ensure our designs reflect your personal style. 🌿🛁⁠

Tile- "Loft Gray Brick Tile" @tilebar ⁠
Tub- Bristol Acrylic Freestanding Tub ⁠
Tub faucet- Randolph Morris Deck Mount British Telephone Tub Faucet ⁠
#bathroominspo #farmhouse #urban #home #homesweethome #shakeupyourstyle #interiorsforyou #newhome #MarvistaDesignBuild #Pittsburgh⁠

Exposing the original brick in your home not only adds character but can also be ⁠budget-friendly, as it eliminates the need to redo everything. Plus, exposed brick is a ⁠design feature that offers versatility, allowing you to easily incorporate different decor,⁠ styles and color schemes!⁠

Countertop @MSIsurfaces⁠
Backsplash @Besttile Wellfleet Ceramic tile in "Coconut"⁠
Faucet- Britt Commercial Style Pull Down Kitchen Faucet⁠
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Using shiplap is a way to add timeless style to your home. The clean lines make it versatile. It works beautifully on both interior walls and ceilings, adding character and coziness to any space! ⁠
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