Farmhouse Kitchen

Upper St. Claire, PA

the details:

This project took an extremely small existing kitchen and made a large kitchen with a large area for entertaining. The family has a large extended family and wanted a space more conducive to having larger parties and entertaining. In addition, the house is tucked in an area surrounded by nature and beautifully landscaped. The clients already had a modern farmhouse theme throughout their home, so finding the right finishes for the project was key. We eliminated a wall between the existing kitchen and the dining and eliminated a wall between the kitchen and the family room and made one large existing kitchen and bar space. In addition, we had to reinforce the ceiling with a steel beam to provide the structural integrity necessary from removing the two walls. As the space was rearranged, we also added a new, larger window above the sink to show off the fantastically landscaped back deck area of the house. Pulling together the Modern Farmhouse look required finding the best possible finishes for the project and I wanted to have a little bit of bling added.

Features & Challenges of the Project:
  • The original space featured an enclosed kitchen that was too small for the house
  • Removing the two walls necessary for enlarging the kitchen required us to add a structural steel beam to the house
  • We had to add new hardwood floors to match the existing flooring and stain everything the same finish
  • Base Cabinetry: Maple Stain “Smoke”
  • Upper Cabinetry: Painted black with frosted glass
  • Chevron marble backsplash
  • Crisp white quartz countertops
  • Geometric light fixtures
  • Matte black fixtures and finishes
  • Walnut bar top with natural edge
completed project
Before + Progress Gallery