Newly Constructed Contemporary Townhomes

Squirrel Hill

the details:

Marvista Design + Build specializes in crafting modern living spaces that encapsulate innovation, functionality, and sleek design. Our contemporary style townhomes offer a harmonious blend of sophistication and convenience.

Our approach to this project revolved around demolishing the existing dilapidated building and creating contemporary havens within the vibrant pulse of the city. Embracing clean lines, open spaces, and a minimalist aesthetic, these townhomes were meticulously designed to complement the urban landscape while providing comfortable and stylish living.

The exterior boasts an eye-catching architectural design with classic red brick, plenty of windows, and walkout decks. The interior features open floor plans that maximize natural light and foster a sense of spaciousness. We personalized each townhouse by selecting unique cabinetry in the kitchens and baths, thoughtfully placed lighting, and modern but timeless textures throughout the spaces. These newly built townhomes seamlessly blend modern comfort with nods to their rich historical roots. Check out the photos in the gallery below to see the state of the house we tore down and the progress we made along the way!

completed project
Before + Progress Gallery