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Bathroom Safety Tips for National Bath Safety Month

As an experienced home remodeling company, we can confidently say that National Bath Safety Month should be taken seriously! Just consider a couple of these statistics:

  • Nearly 200,000 Americans are treated in the emergency room for bathroom-related injuries annually.
  • 81% of injuries in the bathroom are caused by a fall.

These numbers and stats are both huge and very telling. Bathrooms are a great, important part of your home. But if they’re not carefully designed, you can get yourself hurt quite badly! There are tons of hard surfaces to bang into and slippery spots on the floor to facilitate a fall.

In honor of National Bath Safety Month, the team at Marvista Design + Build wanted to focus on some renovations and custom bathroom remodeling that can be pursued for the specific purpose of increasing bathroom safety!

Graphic that says nearly 200,000 amercians are treated in the emergency room for bathroom related injuries annually

Increasing Bathroom Visibility

Good visibility goes hand in hand with safety, and far too many bathrooms find themselves on the darker side of lighting. However, you don’t have to bathe your bathroom in floodlight to provide optimal visibility! In fact, good lighting should be very carefully balanced to avoid glare and direct bulb visibility. To accomplish this well, and in a way that still looks great, consider these:

  • Recessed bathroom lighting
  • Directed task lighting set on tracks
  • Wall sconces for softer light and enhancing lighting in corners

Reducing Slip/Fall Potential

Of course, the primary concern with any bathroom safety measures should be preventing the possibility of tripping or slipping. Remember, these account for roughly 80% of bathroom injuries! The most hazardous activities for all ages are bathing, showering, and getting out of the tub or shower. Of the annual 200,000 bathroom-related emergency room visits, two-thirds occur during bathing or showering.

Graphic that says Bathrub or shower injuries account for more than 2/3 of bathroom-related emergency room visits

There are many ways to accomplish this without sacrificing your design’s integrity or overall look, including:

  • Using slip-resistant bathroom floor tile like ceramic tile, or more “textured” bathroom floor options for better grip
  • Improving ventilation in the bathroom to reduce humidity accumulation
  • Adding anti-slip strips in critical areas—near the tub and shower, near the toilet, at your vanity or sink
  • Adding more customized bathroom storage to reduce clutter and the chance of items finding their way onto the floor
  • Installing handles and rails at points where you need to get up/into a certain area (these also include the shower and bath area, toilets, and similar spots!)

Bathroom Safety & Quality Bathroom Remodeling with Marvista Design + Build

At Marvista Design + Build, our team prides itself on the ability to provide beautiful, unique home remodels that focus on both function and safety. We want you to enjoy your bathroom like it’s a resort or retreat, not to fear a slip every time you go to shower! If you’re ready to look into bolstering the safety of your bath while improving the function and look of your space, we’re the dedicated home remodeling firm to call on.

Reach out to Marvista online to schedule a consultation, or call a bathroom designer now to discuss your ideas by dialing (412) 652-9027!

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