Marvista Design + Build Bathroom Remodeling for Pittsburgh, PA

A bathroom is the most private space in your home. It should be comfortable – even serene – but should also mirror your sense of style, whether that’s romantic, sleek, traditional, modern, or an eclectic mix. Fixtures and other amenities should be functional, easy to use, and attractive.

When you plan your bathroom remodel, start with the basics: toilet, bathing or showering space, and sink. What features and materials “speak” to you? Your Marvista Design + Build team will work with you to define the look and feel you want for this special room.

Contact Marvista Design + Build at (412) 652-9027 to start your bathroom renovation or redesign. We proudly serve homeowners in Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill, and surrounding areas.

Modern bathroom remodel project with separate tub and shower, and large bay window.

Bathroom Remodeling Rules

You’ll want to continue the interior design flow of your home in your bathroom remodel. But remember: Rules are made to be broken. Choose oiled bronze fixtures and door handles instead of the brushed nickel in other parts of the house, or carve out a spot of Hollywood glam in your otherwise minimalist home.

Shower and Tub Remodeling

A bathroom remodel project considers your purpose first. Luxury or economy? A place to linger and relax, or a work area for makeup application and pre-dressing stage?

Your second or guest bathroom will enjoy new life with a new tub and/or shower staging. Many homeowners consider a tub-to-shower conversion because it makes the best use of available space.

Primary Bathroom Renovation

When renovating your primary bathroom, start with "If I could have anything I wanted …" Perhaps your dream is more possible than you think!

Primary bathrooms are meant to be more comfortable and inviting than guest bathrooms. Their utility is taken for granted as you design this luxurious and tranquil room.

Consider your space and the best way to use it. Think about the countertop, fixture, and flooring materials that are most pleasing. We'll factor in the complexities of ventilation and plumbing for your behind-the-scenes workings.

Bathroom Cabinets

You may have heard Marvista Design + Build cabinets are works of art! They're often attractive enough to serve as a focal point for your bathroom remodel. But perhaps more importantly, our bathroom cabinets are strong and serviceable; they'll provide many years of form and function. Something as small as a new bathroom vanity can be a breathtaking addition to your bathroom.

Storage, style, sturdiness … You'll take pride in your new Marvista Design + Build bathroom cabinets.

Half-Bath Remodeling

Good things can come in small packages. There's no reason your small bathroom can't be as charming and attractive as every other room in your home. Powder rooms come with a toilet and sink; there's no bath or shower area.

Half-bath remodeling is a great example of how less can become so much more. Marvista Design + Build has a wide variety of design options you can choose from for your small bathroom.

How It Works: The Bathroom Remodeling Process

Bathroom remodeling timeframes are unique to each project. Some renovations involve "makeovers," featuring cosmetic upgrades to your existing space. Other renovations require building permits for structural work.

The design-and-build process begins with you: your ideas and desires. We'll partner with you to determine what you need, what you want, and what meets your budget and space requirements.

You'll use our design boards to visualize your concept. Next, Marvista Design + Build's 3D presentations add dimension to your floor plans. (What you see is what you get!)

You will choose materials that complement your whole-house design. Cabinets, counters, sinks, faucets: Everything should meet your needs for attractive function and affordability.

During the demolition phase, say a final goodbye to that old bathtub or cramped vanity. We'll remove the parts of your bathroom that are getting in the way of your perfect retreat.

The final project phase is the "build-out," where it all comes together. Your ideas, our refinements. Beautiful, strong cabinets, fabulous countertops, the flooring you always wanted … You now have the perfect bathroom. Your bathroom.

Why Marvista Design + Build?

It's stressful and often more expensive for homeowners to micromanage remodeling projects. Working with contractors and subcontractors for any renovation can lead to disconnect and communication errors. At Marvista Design + Build, we handle it all under one roof, so you always know who to talk to and you can relax knowing it's all being taken care of with your total satisfaction in mind.


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