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Can I Live in My Home During a Home Addition?

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If you’re considering remodeling your house, it’s natural to wonder: “Can I live in my home during a home addition?” Depending on the extent of the renovation, the answer may be yes. Avoiding the cost and hassle of relocating to a hotel is very appealing to most homeowners. Consider the factors that affect your ability to live at home while construction is underway, as well as the precautions Marvista Design + Build takes to keep you comfortable and safe during the project.

Things to Consider

Be aware of the factors that could make living in your home difficult during a home addition:

  • Noise: Do you work from home? Do you have young children who nap during the day? In this case, the demolition and construction noise could prove problematic. You may find it more advantageous to stay elsewhere while your home is under construction.
  • Dust: Tearing down walls, ripping up carpet, putting in new countertops, and other aspects of remodeling your home can generate dust. This could pollute the indoor air unless the construction crew implements the proper precautions.
  • Privacy: You probably want the house to yourself while showering in the morning and eating dinner with your family in the evening. You’ll need to discuss your concerns with the construction crew to see what schedule you can work out.
  • Curious Children and Pets: Young kids and animals may be inclined to investigate the construction zone. Unless you can provide constant supervision, you might want to make other arrangements until the project is complete.
  • Extent of the Remodel: If you’re adding a bathroom, constructing a new bedroom, or expanding your master suite, most of the house remains untouched for your family to live in like normal. However, if over half of the house is under construction, you may find it challenging to live there.

Precautions We Take to Minimize the Impact

Staying in your house during a home addition may seem overwhelming at first, but we eliminate the stress and hassle by taking these precautions:

  • Trustworthy Team: At Marvista, we pride ourselves on providing the utmost professionalism. Our skill level and experience are second to none, with all the necessary licensing, bonding, and insurance for your peace of mind. We recognize that we are guests in your home and will act honorably and respectfully toward you, your family, and your belongings for the duration of the project.
  • Strict Entering and Exiting Protocols: It may not be practical for you to let workers in and out every day. We recommend using a lockbox so our crew can enter your home even if you’re not there. Then, rest assured that we secure your home once we leave for the day.
  • Agreed-Upon Work Schedule: You want your project completed quickly, but we understand the need for morning and evening privacy. Let us know what schedule you would like us to follow, and we’ll accommodate your wishes whenever possible.
  • Home Protection Equipment: We are mindful of our mess and will protect your flooring, walls, furniture, door openings, window frames, and more to prevent damage.
  • Dust Control Systems: We go to great lengths to minimize the spread of dust. Plastic dust barriers, exhaust systems, filters, and air duct covers effectively contain dust to the construction area. This improves cleanliness throughout your home and allows you to breathe easy until construction is complete.

If you’re ready to begin the home addition process, please contact Marvista to request a consultation. We’ll discuss your design ideas and help you decide if it’s feasible to live in your home during construction.

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