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Can I Live in My Home During a Home Addition?

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Adding a brand-new living area to your home is an exciting prospect. But while the result promises an improved quality of life and added home value, you might be concerned about getting through the process. It’s common to wonder whether you can live in your home during a home addition. Careful planning and preparation can help you make the right decision.

6 Considerations Before the Project Begins

Here are six factors to consider before deciding to live in your home during a renovation:

  1.   Renovated modern white kitchen with white marble countertops and wood floors, open to the living area in background. Size & scope of the addition: Larger additions often involve extensive demolition and reconstruction. Assess how the project could disrupt your daily life and whether it’s worth sticking around.
  2. Home layout: The existing floor plan and location of the addition affect whether you can separate your living space from the construction zone. Homes with clear divisions or multiple entries and exits tend to fare best.
  3. Personal tolerance for inconvenience: Everyone’s threshold for disruption differs. Consider your family’s capacity to deal with noise, dust, and privacy loss over an extended period.
  4. Safety concerns: Construction sites are fraught with hazards. If you have children or pets, you need to secure the construction area or temporarily relocate.
  5. Health considerations: Construction dust and noise may aggravate respiratory conditions and add stress. Evaluate these health aspects before deciding to stay in your home.
  6. Availability of essential areas: Are the kitchen and at least one bathroom accessible throughout the project? If not, this could impact your living situation enough to warrant other accommodations.

Make Temporary Living Arrangements

Ensuring safety and comfort is a top priority during a home addition project. If staying at home proves too challenging, here are some alternatives:

  • Stay with family or friends willing to house you for a few weeks.
  • Stay in a hotel for a stress-free environment away from the construction zone. Look for extended-stay hotels with discounted rates for longer periods.
  • Rent a nearby house from a vacation rental site, which may be more cost-effective and homier than a traditional hotel.
  • Rent a short-term apartment for the stability and comfort of home. This is an ideal option for longer projects or families needing more space and privacy.

Helpful Strategies for Living in Your Home During an Addition

If you choose to stay, here are some ways to minimize disruption to your daily life:

  • Home undergoing renovation with shopvac in foreground. Unfinished floors and walls with visible insulation. Establish construction-free zones: Designate areas where construction workers are not allowed. This helps maintain normalcy and provides private spaces where the family can relax.
  • Set up temporary facilities: If your kitchen is out of service, set up a temporary space in the garage or laundry room with a microwave, mini fridge, and other essentials to reduce the inconvenience.
  • Maintain your regular schedule: Keep to your usual routine as much as possible to help manage stress.
  • Use sound barriers & dust protection: Implement temporary soundproofing measures and dust barriers around the construction area to minimize intrusive noise and mess.
  • Regularly communicate with contractors: An open line of communication with your construction team allows you to ask questions, address issues promptly, and keep the project on track.
  • Adjust your living space: Relocate furniture items away from the noise and dust of the construction zone so you can continue using them.
  • Manage your expectations: Living through a renovation involves daily noise, dust, and general upheaval. Keeping a positive outlook helps you focus on the long-term benefits of renovating your home. The inconvenience is temporary, but the results can last a lifetime.

Start Your Home Addition Project Today

Living in your home during an addition may be feasible with the right preparation and expectations. Marvista Design + Build excels at managing such projects with minimal disruption to our clients’ lives. Our unique and sophisticated approach ensures that your home addition in Pittsburgh is handled with the utmost care.

Ready for a stress-free renovation experience? Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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