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Do you want your house to be your forever home? What’s stopping you from making that happen? Some families choose to stay together longer, and multiple generations often live under one roof. In addition to these lifestyles, sometimes you simply outgrow your space. A home addition is a perfect solution.

Aerial view of new deck addition on a home.

Benefits of Home Additions

Pittsburgh’s distinct architecture is our legacy in this part of the country. A home addition can be a great investment because:

  • Increased square footage can mean an increased property value.
  • You can achieve more living space without the hassle of moving/relocating.
  • You get to stay in the community/neighborhood you love.
  • Unique, historical architectural features can be retained and incorporated into new the addition.

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Types of Home Additions

You may be thinking in terms of limitations. Don’t. You have more options than you realize. Some people reject their own ideas as too outlandish or expensive too soon. When you share your ideas with your Marvista Design + Build team, we’ll make your vision a reality.

Common home additions include:

  • Bathroom: If the toilet is the first thing you see when you open a bathroom door, you’ll benefit from a bathroom upgrade, expansion, or addition. A bathroom addition will be the home improvement that pays off most in terms of lifestyle and property value.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen remodeling projects and additions generate as much as 93% return on investment. You can expand storage to include a walk-in pantry or add a much-needed breakfast nook. 
  • Primary suite: Add the primary suite you’ve always dreamed of, with walk-in closets and a spa-luxury bath. It’s doable and a sound investment.
  • Second story: A second story can keep your family together but offer enough space and privacy for separate lifestyles. This is a major construction renovation, so you’ll need to ensure your investment will pay off in terms of value and price. Marvista Design + Build will help with the math.
  • Laundry room: Upgrade laundry day with a brand-new laundry room. We can add cabinets, counters, sinks, and premium water-resistant flooring to your new space. 
  • Guest bedroom: Adding a bedroom to your Pittsburgh property is a great way to enhance living space. Partner with your Marvista Design + Build team to make it happen.
  • Garage apartment: These home additions are popular because they offer the best of all worlds. Your garage apartment gives respectful privacy while maintaining close connections with family members. This separate space can help keep the family together.
  • Grandparent house: They’re also called “pods” or “flats.” These are often miniature versions of your own Pittsburgh home’s architecture in another structure and are perfect for aging parents, college kids, home office space, or private retreats.
  • Basement: Adding space to a basement isn’t always possible, but redefining its purpose is a great way to improve your home’s value. Update flooring; add walls, plumbing, and outlets; consider a separate living area, guest quarters, or game room.
  • Mudroom: “Mudroom” is just a word for that space where you dump snowshoes, wet umbrellas, schoolbooks, car keys, dog leashes, you name it. It can also be a laundry room. Whatever you call it, this home addition adds valuable space and visual appeal to your property.
  • Dormer: You can add valuable space to your attic with a dormer. Dormers make your home look larger and add light and warmth.

Marvista Design + Build Full-Service Showroom

Marvista Design + Build offers our clients a unique experience. Have you seen truism lighting before? If you haven’t been to our showroom and design studio, you most likely haven’t seen it. Color can be tricky. We dial up our lights to the color and temperature in your home, which allows you to see your selections in a more realistic environment.

We also have a curated selection of the latest trending samples and quality cabinet displays and features.

Our goal is to provide a full-service client experience that exceeds your expectations. As a team, we collaborate with you. Nowhere else in Pittsburgh will you find a full-service design studio, finish library, and truism lighting. You have the opportunity to experience your design options.

Make an appointment to come into our design studio and see for yourself.

Choose Marvista Design + Build for Home Additions Remodeling

With our innovative designers, detail-oriented project managers, and fine precision carpenters, we manage all the details. Our design team listens and creates, our project manager guides, and our carpenters deliver. Our office staff keeps things organized and our client management process keeps you informed, on task, and well-advised.

We offer a full-service client experience. Request a virtual consultation or an in-person, showroom visit.

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