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Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Quality kitchen in Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel this year, you’re going to want to carefully consider modern designs to make your new kitchen a true showpiece in your home. So what is in and what is out in 2019? Here’s a closer look at the kitchen design trends you may want to embrace this year.

Deep Cabinet Colors

Whether a brilliant red or green or a deep wood tone that’s more traditional, cabinets in 2019 are no longer just white and bright. Deeper colors are increasingly popular for cabinets. In quality kitchens, wood tones that are on the deepest end of the spectrum are increasing in popularity. Often contrasted with light countertops and flooring, these cabinets create an elegant look.

Built-In Countertop Cooktops

Instead of a stove and oven combination, today’s kitchens are leaning toward the cooktop and a separate oven. Cooktops take up a small portion of the kitchen countertop, prevent the problem of food falling between the cabinet and the oven, and add a modern flare to the space.

Cooktops can be simple gas or electric models, or they can be the truly innovative induction style. Add LED-backlit knobs to further elevate the look and give it a modern twist.

Convenient Storage Solutions

Custom drawers in quality kitchen

Kitchen designs are all about storage, and modern trends are increasing the overall function of the kitchen space through improved storage. Not only are more cabinets and drawers showing up, but many of those are customized with built-in silverware and knife storage and even spindles to hold dishes in place. This level of customization makes your kitchen space work for your needs.

Kitchen Workspaces

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it makes sense to add a workspace to this area. A kitchen workspace gives you a place to sort and pay bills, have your children do their homework, stash paperwork, and otherwise organize your life. It’s a great spot to put up the family calendar so everyone can quickly see what is going on.

If you’re completely remodeling this year, consider adding a kitchen workspace to add more function to your kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

If you don’t already have a kitchen island, consider adding one as part of your remodel. An island adds additional cabinet space, seating, and workspace to your kitchen. It can serve as your breakfast eating station, coffee bar, or simply additional counter space. If you have a spacious kitchen, make the most use of the space with this relatively simple addition.

Kitchen Design & Remodeling in Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, the right design team is going to be critical to having results you love. In Pittsburgh, Marvista Design + Build is ready to assist. With a process that helps you visualize the finished result and create a kitchen that matches your personal style, we can help you use your space to the fullest while incorporating all elements of your wish list into a beautiful and functional kitchen.

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