Custom Kitchen Renovation & Design in Pittsburgh, PA

No room in your house gets greater attention or sees more activity than the kitchen. It makes sense that this room should be a convenient, easy-to-use space with a pleasing appearance.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade with a modern kitchen design, prefer a more traditional style, or want to enhance your parties with an outdoor kitchen, kitchen remodeling is a great investment. An updated and renovated kitchen can add value to your home, and Remodeling magazine says kitchen remodeling typically sees an over 50% return on investment.

Renovated, modern kitchen with butcher-block island and blue-cushioned stools.

What Should I Consider When Remodeling My Kitchen?

Your kitchen is the most-used room in your house and also the most complex. You have many small and large appliances, some of which require specialized plumbing and fuel. You need adequate storage and counter space, enough room to work efficiently, and accommodating dining areas.

Your kitchen should be practical: A pleasing space in which to work, relax, and dine. And it should be attractive, too. There are many ways to manage and plan a kitchen renovation. Some considerations before you begin include:

  • A place for everything and everything in its place: Make a list of the cookware you use ― mixers, electric skillets, dishes, cutting boards ― then consider the most convenient way they could be stored. Specialty cabinets? We can do that!
  • Commit to a schedule: Your Marvista Design + Build team will explain the phases of your kitchen renovation. 
  • Don’t make assumptions: Your sink, refrigerator, microwave, and stove don’t have to be in the same places. Start with the assumption that your ideas have unlimited freedom and work from there.
  • Don’t pinch pennies on choosing kitchen cabinets: Cabinets are where “you get what you pay for” is most meaningful. We’re known for some of the finest custom kitchen cabinets in Pittsburgh.
  • Flooring should be a lifestyle choice: If you’re a messy cook, have messy eaters, or your kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic, easy cleaning should be the priority. If you spend many hours on your feet in the kitchen, you might prefer softer wood floors over ceramic tiles.
  • Lighting is critical: Kitchens require workspace and task lighting as well as ambient lighting. Where you install custom kitchen lights makes a big difference in your kitchen’s appearance.
  • Think about headroom: All that space overhead shouldn’t go to waste. Use it as a design focal point or as storage for once-a-year items, but either way, use it.
  • Why are you remodeling? Remodeling a kitchen for some vague future re-sale is unfair to you, and personalizing a kitchen you don’t intend to use makes no sense.
  • Work with what you have: Unless you plan to enlarge the kitchen, you must work with the space as is. For example, an island needs at least a three-foot clearance all around. And you want at least one side to have electrical outlets.

Ready to create your dream kitchen? Call Marvista Design + Build at (412) 652-9027 for a consultation with our design experts. 

Remodeled kitchen with wood beams on ceiling, white cabinets and white marble countertops with waterfall edge on island, with row of three seats.

How It Works: Our Kitchen Remodeling & Design Process

The design-build process begins with you: Your ideas and desires. We’ll partner with you to determine what you need, what you want, and what meets your budget and space requirements.

To determine the design and layout, we ask:

  • How and how often do you currently use your kitchen?
  • If you could have anything at all in your kitchen, what would it be?
  • What do you need that you don’t have, and what do you have that you don’t need?

We then create mood boards to visualize your concept. You can see your ideas on paper: floor plan, finishes, textures, and scale.

Next, it’s time to add dimension. We develop 3D renderings of your home so you can understand how you’ll move through your redesigned space. Our rendering adds depth to your floor plan and makes the concept more realistic. (What you see is what you get.)

You’ll choose materials from our design studio that complement your whole-house design. Cabinets, counters, sinks, faucets … everything should meet your needs for attractive function and affordability.

The demolition phase is possibly the most dramatic, save for the final reveal. We take down old walls, add new cabinets, haul away old appliances, and install new fixtures.

The final project phase is the “build-out.” Your ideas come together with our refinements. Beautiful, strong cabinets, fabulous countertops, the flooring you always wanted: You now have the perfect kitchen. Your kitchen.

Choose Marvista Design + Build for Pittsburgh Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen remodeling project requires many choices. You shouldn’t have to manage disconnects between plumbers, electricians, window installers, or floor specialists. That’s why Marvista Design + Build is the preferred choice for kitchen renovations.

If you live in Pittsburgh or surrounding cities and are interested in kitchen remodeling, schedule a consultation or call (412) 652-9027 to speak with our in-house designer today.

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