Modern Kitchen Renovations in Pittsburgh, PA

Sleek. Stylish. Functional. These are all words that describe a modern kitchen. They’re also the characteristics you want to enjoy when preparing meals, entertaining guests, and fulfilling your family’s day-to-day needs.

If your current kitchen is dull, outdated, and disorganized, contact Marvista Design + Build for help transforming the space. Modern kitchens are one of our specialties, and we would be happy to help you bring your vision to life.

Updated, modern kitchen renovation with large island, white stone countertops, blue cabinets, seating around island, open to dining area.

What To Consider in a Modern Kitchen Remodel

Stylish Kitchen Countertops

Natural stone kitchen countertops are popular in modern homes, as are less-traditional materials like engineered stone, solid surface, concrete, and recycled glass. We’ll help you make a selection that meets your aesthetic tastes and exceeds your expectations.

Kitchen Cabinets

High-end kitchen cabinets are our specialty. Frameless styles with hidden hinges and flat panels blend seamlessly with the rest of your modern design. You may even choose to replace more traditional wood cabinet doors with frosted glass or glossy, bright-colored acrylic.

Kitchen Hardware & Fixtures

Modern kitchen sinks and faucets can be as functional as they are stylish. Built-in sprayers, touch sensors, precise temperature control, and eco-friendly flow rates are top features to look for. Plumbing, cabinet hardware, and other fixtures in a modern kitchen often have the same finish for a cohesive look.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

Few changes to your kitchen have the same impact as getting new appliances. Picture a spacious refrigerator, chef-inspired gas stovetop, double-wall ovens, built-in microwave, and energy-efficient dishwasher. Modern kitchens often showcase stainless steel appliances, or you can camouflage them behind panels designed to mimic the rest of your cabinetry.

Modern-Style Lighting

Your kitchen is more beautiful and functional at night when you have the right kitchen light fixtures. Control the lighting in different scenarios with pendant lights over the island, under-cabinet lights along the wall, toe-kick lighting along the floor, and lighting inside drawers and cabinets. Ask your Marvista design specialist about the other lighting options available.

Modern kitchen remodel with white marble waterfall-style countertop, island, white cabinets, and modern pendant lighting over island.

Schedule Modern Kitchen Renovation in Pittsburgh, PA

As a full-service, design-build kitchen remodeler, Marvista is well-equipped to build the modern kitchen of your dreams. We’re not “set in our ways” like other contractors. Instead, we’ll listen closely to your ideas and requests to ensure the finished product fits your lifestyle without compromise.

Call us today at (412) 652-9027 to request a consultation with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Modern Style Kitchens

What is a modern kitchen?

“Modern” design began in the early 20th century. It features flat surfaces, geometric shapes, and minimal ornamentation. For instance, modern kitchens often have angular countertop edges, flat cabinet doors, and minimal hardware. You’ll also find more synthetic materials in modern kitchens than in traditional settings, including laminate, acrylic, ceramic, and molded plastic.

How do you make a kitchen modern?

Upgrading your existing kitchen to a more modern appearance first involves changing the aesthetic. Even the layout may need to change to facilitate more productive cooking and a space for entertaining. Both neutral and bright color schemes lend themselves to a modern look, so you can easily accommodate your preferences.

What are the advantages of a modern kitchen?

The first reason to upgrade your kitchen is to enjoy jaw-dropping beauty. The increased functionality and storage space are other perks, making you more inclined to cook at home rather than order take-out. When your kitchen looks great and meets your needs in every way, it quickly becomes your favorite place to spend time with family and friends.