Kitchen Lighting Design in Pittsburgh

The lighting in your kitchen brings definition and character to your entire kitchen design, affecting everything from the visual appeal of the room to its functionality. Your kitchen lighting design should meet your unique tastes and needs and seamlessly enhance your kitchen. With a design-build partner like Marvista Design + Build, a Pittsburgh kitchen remodeling company in Squirrel Hill, kitchen lighting design is more than an afterthought – it’s a focal point.

Our full-service design studio offers quality custom kitchen remodeling services, including comprehensive kitchen lighting design and installation. Each member of our team is an industry expert, carrying years of experience and a commanding knowledge of how to meet a client’s tastes and preferences.

Our Kitchen Lighting Services in Fox Chapel and Pittsburgh, PA

Kitchen lighting fixtures come in a staggering array of shapes, styles, and functionalities. Navigating your options can be simultaneously stressful and frustrating. This is why working with a professional design-build firm is ideal, and it’s a large part of why Marvista Design + Build takes pride in our unique, consultative process.

With the guidance and knowledge of our team on your side, you can craft a unique kitchen lighting design in which each lighting fixture plays an important and significant role in the look, feel, and comfort level of your custom kitchen.

A handful of the many lighting options we provide for our clients include these popular fixture types:

  • Recessed lighting – Kitchens require ample sources of light, but many homeowners find the excess of fixtures off-putting. Recessed lighting provides an ideal solution, hiding sources without diminishing the quality of the lighting in your kitchen.
  • Under-cabinet lighting – A subset of recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting is an attractive and efficient way to add task lighting to your kitchen without eating up valuable space.
  • Island lighting – Kitchen islands are a quality and attractive way to add usable space. The lighting you choose for your island should enhance the feature, not drown it out or fail to illuminate it effectively.
  • Track lighting – Track lighting gives the kitchen a neat, simple, and modern-feeling source of lighting that can be directed where you need light most.
  • Kitchen accent lighting – Carefully picked pendant lights, lamps, sconces, and other accent light sources can take your kitchen design to the next level in terms of visual appeal and beauty.

Contact Marvista About Kitchen Lighting in Highland Park, Mt. Lebanon, and Pittsburgh

Custom kitchen lighting done right will take you that much closer to the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. At Marvista Design + Build, we value the wants and needs of our clients above all else, and we always strive to meet your expectations without any compromise. When you’re ready to get started, we urge you to connect with our Pittsburgh design and remodeling team.

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