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Home Additions vs. Moving: Which Is Better?

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Does your growing family lack the space you need? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a dedicated home office, gym, or theater. If there isn’t room for the features you want, you may be weighing two options — renovate your home and stay put, or buy a new house and move out.

To help you decide which is better, compare the costs, stress, and emotional factors of investing in home additions versus moving.

Get the House You Want at a Lower Cost

Many clients want to know the cost per square foot of home additions versus buying or building a new house. However, this is an unfair comparison because renovations tend to focus on the most expensive rooms in the house, including the kitchen and bathrooms.

It’s better to compare the project’s cost directly with the cost of buying a new house, regardless of how much square footage you add or renovate. After all, the goal of both investments is to end up with a home that meets your needs. Renovating is nearly always the more affordable way to accomplish this goal.

Enjoy a Less Stressful Process

Depending on the scope of your home addition, it may be possible to continue living in the house during construction. Even if you need to relocate temporarily to facilitate a whole-home renovation, this is still only mildly disruptive compared to the stress of house hunting, selling your home, packing everything you own, and relocating your family.

Complete a Home Addition Faster Than Buying a New House

Depending on the market, buying a house can take many months, if not longer. You must actively search for properties, attend open houses, schedule inspections, make offers, fill out endless paperwork, and close the deal — all before the actual moving process can begin. And that doesn’t even include the process of selling your current home.

On the other hand, designing and building a home addition usually takes no more than two to three months once you hire a contractor. The process is also incredibly gratifying if you like discussing your tastes and bringing your vision to life with help from an experienced design team.

Avoid Uprooting Your Family

Does the thought of leaving your beloved neighborhood make you emotional? Are you hesitant to enroll your kids in a new school where they don’t know anyone? The ability to stay put and still get your dream home is a huge reason to renovate rather than move.

Customize the House To Meet Your Precise Needs

Are you picky about your living space? It’s unlikely you’ll find all the features you want in any existing house. This means, besides renovating, building a custom home is the only way to ensure everything is to your liking. Of course, if you love your neighborhood and don’t want to relocate, renovating is still the better option.

Increase Your Property Value

If you ever move, rest assured that a cost-effective home addition will offer a handsome return on investment. You can raise the asking price as a result, and the property will attract more potential buyers because of the added features and updates.

Schedule a Design Consultation

If you’re still on the fence about renovating versus moving, it doesn’t hurt to meet with Marvista Design + Build to discuss where your home is lacking and the changes you wish to make.

During your no-obligation consultation, you’ll learn more about project feasibility, costs, and timelines — information you need to help you make the best decision for your family.

Contact Marvista today at (412) 652-9027 to start discussing your home addition ideas. We can meet with you in person or hold a virtual design consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it cheaper to add on or move?

If you love the location of your home, renovating it and adding on to it is almost always a better investment than buying a new home. In addition to the higher cost of a new home compared to the cost of a home addition, you’ll also have to pay fees and cover moving expenses.

When you schedule your consultation with the remodelers at Marvista Design + Build, we’ll discuss your budget and the ROI your new addition can offer.

Does an addition add value to my home?

Yes, definitely. Even the most budget-friendly home addition projects offer a great return on investment. You can raise the asking price, if you decide to sell your home, and updates like laundry rooms or in-law suites will attract buyers.

With Marvista’s design process, you can choose elegant, modern features for your addition that will boost its value and make your home stand out. 

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