Expert Whole-Home Remodeling in Pittsburgh, PA

If your home has good bones but an outdated look or layout, then it may be time to think about remodeling it. Whole-home remodeling transforms the entire home into something new, ensuring each room flows seamlessly with the next and the home’s function better fits your needs. Marvista Design + Build provides whole-home remodeling services.

What to Expect During the Whole-Home Remodeling Process

Tackling a whole-home remodel is daunting. Knowing what to expect from the process can help take some of the stress off your shoulders. If you choose Marvista, here is what you can expect from the process:

  • Initial consultation: Whole-house remodels begin with a design consultation, just like all remodeling projects at Marvista. We come to your home to see it, take measurements, and determine your vision for the space. We collect your wish list to ensure the finished project meets your design ideals.
  • Design process: Next, we create a design. The design comes with a style board, 3D renderings of your home, a floor plan, and elevations.
  • Finalizing the design: After the presentation and tweaking of the designs, you finalize the design so we can move forward. At this point, we present your budget and timeline as well.
  • Planning and permits: After final design approval, we begin planning for your project. This includes enlisting the help of our contractors and applying for necessary building permits. Then, the work begins.
  • Final walk-through and inspection: The process ends with a walk-through and inspection, ensuring your newly remodeled home exceeds your expectations.

Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with our in-house designer or call us at (412) 785-3324 today. Be sure to check out our Whole-Home Renovation Checklist! 

Whole-House Remodel FAQ

How much does it cost to remodel an entire house?

The cost for a whole-house remodel will vary depending on the size of the home and the types of finishes chosen. This can be between $20,000 and well over $200,000.

Can you stay in your home during a home remodel?

It is possible to live in a home during a home remodel. This is typically handled on a case-by-case basis and will depend on how extensive the home remodel is, including whether the home is safe to live in during that time.

How do I remodel my whole house?

Working with a design-and-build company that can design the remodel and build your new home is the best way to remodel an entire home. We think about all aspects of the home, including how each space will flow and connect, to ensure you love your new space.

Can you renovate a house for $50k?

It is possible to renovate a house for $50k, but the total cost will depend on the cost of the finishes and the size of the home.

Where do I start when renovating a house?

The first step is designing the renovation with the help of a home remodel design contractor.

Is it worth it to renovate my house?

If you love your neighborhood and location but need something different from your home, renovating can be far less stressful than moving.


Our Service Area

We proudly serve the following Pittsburgh neighborhoods:

We also serve the cities surrounding Pittsburgh, including:

If you live in our service area and are interested in our whole-home remodeling services, schedule a consultation with our in-house designer today.

Why Choose Marvista Design + Build?

If you are tackling a whole-house remodel in Pittsburgh, you want to know that the team you are working with has the right abilities and experience. We are a design-build team, which means our process includes all of the steps you need to complete the process. We also keep you in the center of it all to ensure the best possible outcome. Our approach is different, so your results are extraordinary.

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