Elevator Home Additions

Home elevators have evolved from a luxury to a practical solution for enhancing mobility and safety. At Marvista Design + Build, we can integrate a residential elevator into your Pittsburgh home as part of an aging-in-place renovation. Our goal is to help you stay in the home you love for many more years.

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Reasons To Install a Home Elevator

By 2030, one in every five American residents will be at retirement age. As the population ages, more people are adding elevators to their homes rather than relocating to assisted living communities. The increased mobility made possible by an elevator allows older adults to continue living independently and safely.

Here are some other reasons why it’s a smart idea to invest in a home elevator:

  • Makes your home more accessible: Adding an elevator also makes your home more accessible for a disabled loved one. It eliminates the barrier of stairs, providing easy access to all levels of the house. This promotes independence and improves the quality of life for those with limited mobility.
  • Space-saving accessibility solution: Compared to other accessibility solutions like stairlifts or ramps, home elevators have a relatively small footprint and can be more easily integrated into the average home’s design. This makes elevators an efficient, space-saving solution.
  • Return on investment: Expect an elevator home addition to increase your home’s appeal and add roughly 10% to its market value. After all, this feature sets your property apart, attracting a broad range of buyers, including those hoping to accommodate a multi-generational household or long-term accessibility.

Residential Elevator Features

Before adding a fully functional elevator to your home, it’s important to consider the available features. Modern home elevators are designed with safety, efficiency, and style in mind.

Various drive systems are offered, including hydraulic, traction, winding drum, and pneumatic vacuum, each suited to different home configurations and personal preferences. Safety is also paramount, with emergency stop buttons, automatic doors, and battery backup systems standard.

Beyond the usual features, customization options allow you to choose various finishes, materials, and lighting to match the elevator interior to your home decor. Plus, the compact design of today’s elevators means they can often be installed with minimal structural changes, making them feasible retrofits. And thanks to technological advances, residential elevators offer quieter, more energy-efficient operation than ever.

Why Choose Marvista?

Marvista Design + Build brings expertise, craftsmanship, and personalized service to every project we complete. Our team works closely with you to ensure your home elevator addition meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We can begin your project from our full-service design studio, where we’ll review what you’re hoping to accomplish and show you other inspiring aging-in-place changes you may want to make to your Pittsburgh home.

Let us help you make your home more accessible and valuable. Call us today at (412) 652-9027 to start planning your home elevator project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the look of my home elevator?

Absolutely. Home elevators come with many customization options, including different styles, colors, and finishes. From a traditional rectangular look to an ultramodern cylindrical tube, you have the freedom to match the elevator with your home’s design and personal preferences.

How long does construction take for home elevator additions?

The timeline for adding a home elevator varies based on the number of floors in your home and the design you select. On average, the process takes about two to three weeks once construction begins.