Small Bathroom Remodeling Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Small bathroom remodel in Pennsylvania

Master bathroom remodels are popular, but a small bathroom renovation can add to your home’s charm, too. From remodeling the kids’ hallway bathroom to renovating a half bathroom on your ground floor, the small bathroom design services of Marvista Design + Build allow beauty and functionality to co-exist — without breaking the bank.

We pride ourselves on our keen eye for design and ability to maximize your budget. As a small bathroom remodeling company in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, we have access to some of the highest-quality products from today’s top manufacturers to turn your small, underused space into a relaxing oasis.

Cabinets & Vanities for Half-Baths

Increased storage is one of the most important additions you can make to a small bathroom design. Wall cabinets and vanities are the keys to improving the functionality of a small bathroom without making it feel even more cramped. We’ll help you maximize storage space while adding a beautiful flair with custom bathroom cabinets.

We work with full overlay, inset, and frameless styles of cabinets, giving you access to a wide variety of unique design options. We receive your order directly from the manufacturer to ensure the best product quality and craftsmanship. Then, we finish the small bathroom renovation by installing your cabinets quickly and professionally.

At Marvista Design + Build, we take a unique, sophisticated approach to the design-build process. Using advanced technology and a whole-team approach, our fully managed process is focused on transforming your ideas into the space of your dreams.

From initial consultation through project completion, our experienced team will work closely with you, providing exceptional service and results you’ll love.

Check out more details about how our unique process works to see what sets Marvista Design + Build apart from the competition.

Tubs & Showers for Small Bathrooms

Hall bathroom remodeling often focuses on the tub and shower areas. After all, these are the most used features of any bathroom. To maximize the space, you may choose to remove the existing tub/shower combo in favor of a walk-in shower enclosure. We can complete such tub/shower upgrades in as little as one to two days.

Adding beauty and improving functionality without losing access to your bathroom for weeks could be just what you’re looking for in a hall bathroom renovation. We’ll help you maximize the results with custom tile designs, built-in niches, and gorgeous hardware.

Small Bathroom Toilet Upgrades

Whether this is the only addition you make or you add a new toilet as part of a floor-to-ceiling half bathroom renovation, Marvista Design + Build can help. We’ll show you different brands, features, and price points that fit your needs and budget.

The right choice can save you hundreds of gallons of water annually and spoil you with futuristic features, such as heated seats and self-flushing capabilities. Whether you’re leaning toward a basic or high-tech toilet upgrade, we’ll help you find what will work best for your half bathroom remodeling project.

Small Bathroom Lighting Upgrades

Having multiple lighting options can help make a small bathroom feel larger. For instance, you might put new LED lighting above the vanity and an exhaust fan with a built-in light.

Natural lighting via a window or skylight also takes advantage of daylight to reduce energy bills and create a more organic feel. Marvista Design + Build can assist with light fixture selection and installation and can even add a window or skylight where feasible.

Quality Small & Half Bathroom Remodeling

The best results come from working with a small bathroom remodeling contractor who can complete the job from start to finish. Marvista Design + Build is a design-build company that garners inspiration from Hollywood for truly one-of-a-kind results.

No matter how much square footage you have to work with and the changes you have in mind for your small bathroom design, we can see it through from the initial consultation to the final walkthrough.

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