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20 Holiday Interior Design Ideas

Gold christmas ornaments on fake snow

How do you decorate for the holidays? If miniature Santa Clauses, tacky homemade ornaments, and cheap accessories are cramping your style, use these 20 interior design ideas to deck the halls in a refreshingly chic way this holiday season.

  1. Try an untraditional color palette: Who says your holiday decor can’t stray from the classic red and green? Try other combinations to match your other decor better.
  2. Go monochromatic: Bring the color of winter indoors with holiday decorations in a medley of whites, ivories, and creams. Snowflake accents and a touch of evergreen complete the look.
  3. Think silver and gold: Adding some shiny silver and gilded gold accents to your home creates an unmistakably festive feel.
  4. Use coordinating wrapping paper: Presents can add to your decor all season long. You can even wrap empty boxes to use year after year.
  5. Dress up any nook and cranny: Don’t have room for a full-size Christmas tree? Feel free to spruce up the radiator, mantelpiece, or coffee table with garland, stockings, and candles.
  6. Bring holiday cheer into the kitchen: To prevent taking up precious counter space, consider draping garland over the windows or hanging a wreath above the stove.
  7. Decorate oft-forgotten spaces: Want to feel festive while washing clothes or getting ready in the morning? Hang a wreath or set out evergreen topiaries in the laundry room and bathrooms!
  8. Accessorize asymmetrically: Don’t fall for the trap that symmetry is always best. For instance, you can achieve asymmetrical balance with one large object on the right and two smaller objects on the left.
  9. Don’t neglect the importance of texture: Juxtapose smooth, shiny berries with lush, feathery foliage. Or contrast sleek, clear glass with rough, weathered wood.
  10. Collect items from nature: Decorate your home with interesting pine cones, evergreen branches, or twigs you find on your nature walks.
  11. Keep it casual: You don’t have to spend hours setting up hundreds of dollars worth of holiday decorations. Use what you have and decorate with easygoing nonchalance for a cool, modern edge.
  12. Decorate with doodads: A glass bowl or vase filled with mini ornaments, brightly wrapped candy, or wooden dreidels make the perfect coffee table centerpiece.
  13. Set out a snow-covered village: Small ceramic houses, strategically placed holly branches, and tiny trees create a lively scene for your mantelpiece or windowsill.
  14. Add a touch of coziness: Extra pillows on the sofa, flannel sheets on the bed, and a luxurious faux-fur throw rug help your home feel warm and cozy.
  15. Cater to your minimalist style: You can show your holiday spirit without detracting from your home’s modern design. Simply use minimalist decor.
  16. Incorporate checker patterns: Whether it’s on seasonal throw pillows, napkins and placemats, or gift wrap, there’s something inexplicably appealing about checker patterns in the wintertime.
  17. Decorate the dining room chandelier: Take your holiday decor to new heights by adding pine branches, ornaments, and faux fruit to the light fixture in the dining room.
  18. Dress up the porch: A well-appointed front door creates a festive feeling before your guests step foot inside. Think garlands, wreaths, topiaries, and seasonal welcome mats.
  19. Add a rustic flair: Create a cabin-like feel with wood, burlap, faux fur, tarnished metal, pine branches, and plenty of forest green and berry red.
  20. Personalize your decor: Stockings with embroidered names or DIY wooden letters create just the right personal touch.

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