First-Floor Reconfigurations in Pittsburgh, PA

If your home isn’t working for you anymore, but you would prefer not to move, consider updating the floor plan. First-floor reconfigurations are particularly helpful for making your house work for you again. Ready to transform your space? Marvista Design + Build can make it happen! We’ll listen to your pain points and recommend new layout ideas to revitalize your home, all while keeping structural limitations and building codes in mind.

Things to Keep in Mind When Reconfiguring the First Floor

Before you dive in, first ask yourself: What’s wrong with the current layout? And is the solution to reconfigure the space, or is a home addition more appropriate? Marvista can help you answer these questions and deliver the right type of home renovation based on your circumstances.

As the project begins, remember to avoid superficial design distractions. The style, colors, fixtures, and finishes come later, and those are easy to modify over time. However, the structural changes you make during the reconfiguration are meant to last. These are ultimately what determine whether the renovation fulfills all your goals. Work closely with the Marvista design team, and we’ll resolve the problems with your home’s current layout, nailing down the ideal floor plan before work begins to reduce project delays and cost overruns.

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Options for Changing Your Floor Plan

Consider the design possibilities of reconfiguring the first floor:

  • Open up the floor plan: While older homes are typically divided into separate rooms, many homeowners prefer an open layout. Interior walls must come down to remove the separation between the kitchen and living room, so it’s vital to work with an architect and engineer to avoid structural problems.
  • Create smaller rooms: Maybe your living room is more spacious than it needs to be, and you would really love a powder room or formal dining area. You might even have space for a first-floor guest suite to better accommodate out-of-town family and friends.
  • Fix the choppy traffic flow: Previous homeowners may have had small renovations here and there, so now the overall flow and style feel disjointed. Reconfiguring the first floor gives you a fresh start.
  • Add a first-floor master suite: Most two-story homes have an upstairs master bedroom. Relocating it to the ground floor is a smart move if stairs are becoming more difficult for you. Aging-in-place renovations are all about helping you stay in your home safely when you experience the mobility changes that often come with age.
  • Enlarge the kitchen: Is your kitchen too small to accommodate multiple cooks and large gatherings? If you reallocate some of the square footage from the living room to the kitchen, you can make space for an island, prep sink, larger refrigerator, and second oven that will serve you well.
  • Convert an under-used room into a home office: Do you have a spare bedroom or formal dining area you never use? Convert it into a home office for working or learning from home, complete with built-in cabinetry, desks, and extra electrical outlets.

Schedule First-Floor Reconfiguration in Pittsburgh, PA

Marvista brings a unique Hollywood background to every first-floor reconfiguration we complete. With our creative vision and an eye for current trends, we think of solutions that other designers often overlook. Our team works hard to ensure that your newly renovated home fits your design preferences and lifestyle without compromise. So whether you’re hoping to open up the first floor, close off spaces for privacy and productivity, or implement aging-in-place solutions, we can deliver.

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