Home Office Additions in Pittsburgh, PA

New, modern-style home office

A well-designed home office can boost your productivity by a startling 47%. Even without a dedicated workspace, remote work has a powerful effect on morale. An organized workstation can reduce repetitive strain injuries, create work/family boundaries, and turn you into a creative pro. There’s a home office design for every problem.

Do you lack the space for your own office? Remodel your kitchen to create a working nook. Is your office feeling drab? Try adding windows or a skylight. Are you searching for silence? Build a stand-alone office shed in the quietest part of your yard. The better you understand your work needs, the more clarity you’ll bring to your remodeling project.

The Value of Building a Home Office

Remote work is becoming the norm more and more every year. Sixty-five percent of workers say they achieve more when working from home. Home offices also cut out commute time and offer unparalleled comfort. Your new workspace can be as quiet as you need it to be. There are no water station conversations or your co-workers’ perpetually ringing phones to block out — only you, your computer, and the birds outside your window.

Your new room will affect your wallet and practical work needs. Home offices offer an 87% return on investment, so when you’re ready to sell your home, your renovation will pay for itself. It’ll affect your wallet in the short term, too. If your home is your main place of business or used exclusively for work, you’re probably eligible for a tax deduction. Your materials, furniture, insurance, and property taxes can all take a large chunk out of your IRS contributions. Add running costs, and your office can earn you more than you spend on renovation.

Contact Marvista Design + Build today to start your home office renovation. We proudly serve homeowners in the Pittsburgh and Squirrel Hill areas.

Things to Consider for Your Home Office Addition

If you’re building a new room, you’ll probably want to choose a quiet space away from your kitchen and street. If you’re seeing clients from home, a separate outdoor entryway will keep your home/work boundaries in place. Your new home office should reflect your practical needs, so build it around your work habits and preferences. The better you understand your organizational and aesthetic needs, the better your results will be.

The Different Types of Additions We Do

At Marvista Design + Build, we offer expert remodeling for every room in the home, from blissful bathrooms to upgraded kitchens. Unlike traditional remodeling companies, we build design into the process. Our creative talent will see you through every phase of your office additions, from construction to the finishing touches. We work with a huge array of styles and trends. We do:

  • Custom cabinets and countertops
  • Lighting, including task and toe-kick options
  • Office expansions
  • Full-service renovations
  • Storage solutions
  • Appliance installations
  • Small office bathroom remodeling

With so many services available, you’ll soon have a home office you’ll never want to leave.

Why Choose Marvista For Your Office Addition?

Marvista goes beyond traditional renovations. Our design + build service structure gives you access to professional home stylists. Aesthetics should never be an afterthought, particularly when you’re working with a room that has such a powerful impact on your occupational health. Our full-service renovations and expansions will fulfill your aesthetic goals as much as they do your practical needs.

We’ll work side by side with you in every phase of your project. Our 3D software will show you your results long before we arrive on-site. We’re always in touch with décor trends, but we also keep a close eye on the aesthetics of your existing architecture and interior. Renovations should blend seamlessly with your existing home, after all.

If you’re ready to experience the home office of your dreams, reach out online or call us to arrange a consultation.

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